Proctorio Asking for an Access Code


If Proctorio is asking you for an access code to an exam, no worries. This is common and a fairly simple fix. First, you have to be in Google Chrome, or you will see this image.


Click on the "click here" link to download Chrome then go back to the exam. 

If you are taking an exam for the first time on the machine in Google Chrome or you see this error; 


Simply click on the "click here" link to download and enable the Proctorio extension.

If you are in Google Chrome, Proctorio is installed and you're still seeing the access code, here's what you need to do;

  1. Click on the Google Chrome menu button, located in the top right-hand corner. This appears as three vertical dots stacked on each other. 

  2. Hover over More Tools, then click on Extensions.

  3. Find Proctorio on the Extensions page, click on Remove button to remove it.

  4. Once removed, close the extensions page and go back to the exam page. Refresh the exam page and you should see the Install Proctorio prompt. 

  5. Re-install the Proctorio extension then continue on to your exam. 


If this did not work, reinstalling Google Chrome will more than likely resolve the situation, this was a suggestion straight from Proctorio and it does work the majority of the time. Aside from that, firewalls and anti-virus programs can block Proctorio. They pick up the software as unsafe and unknown and block it without asking. If you have Norton Security, this is likely the cause of your problem. 


If you need further assistance with this or any other issues, please give us a call. 


IT Department- (859) 251-4545



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