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Sometimes a page will appear as if it is not loading fully, or loading at all. In most cases, this is because of some type of plugin, applet, or encryption that is being blocked by your browser.This is usually found when trying to access media (video and audio files), that are embedded into a page. For students here at Frontier, it can also effect Self-Service when trying to make a payment. Follow these simple steps to solve those issues!

Internet Explorer (Security Warning):

You will need to do this EVERY time you start a new session:

If you are using Internet Explorer, you may see a pop-up security warning like this at some point during the course:

Even though 'Yes' is automatically highlighted (in the first image), you need to click No (or Show all content) so that unsecured items (such as an embedded video) will appear; otherwise they will not show up.  If you have already clicked 'Yes' (or closed the bar without clicking 'Show all content'), close and then reopen your browser, then select 'No' (or 'Show all content') when the Security Warning pops up.


Firefox (Version 23 or Later):

You will need to this only ONCE:

  • In the address bar at the top, type in about:config
  • Click the button that says, "I'll be careful, I promise!"
  • In the search box that pops up on the page type in the word mixed
  • You will see one that says mixed_content.block_active_content that will say True
  • Double-click that field and it will change to False
  • Reload the page 

This icon, means there is mixed content on the page, which would cause missing items (videos or images from appearing). 

No mixed content: secure

  • green lock 42 : You’ll see a green lock when you are on a fully secure page that doesn’t attempt to load any insecure elements.

Mixed content is blocked: secure

  • blocked secure 42 : You'll see a green lock with a grey warning triangle when Firefox has blocked any insecure elements on the page. This means that the page is now secure. Click on the icon to expand the Control Center and see more security details about that page.

Mixed content is not blocked: not secure

  • unblocked mixed content 42 : If you see a lock with a red line over it, Firefox is not blocking insecure elements, and that page is open to eavesdropping and attacks where your personal data from the site could be stolen. Unless you’ve unblocked mixed content using the instructions in the next section, you shouldn’t see this icon.
  • orange triangle grey lock 42 : A grey lock with an orange triangle indicates that Firefox is not blocking insecure passive content. Attackers may be able to manipulate parts of the page, for example, by displaying misleading or inappropriate content, but they shouldn’t be able to steal your personal data from the site.



You will need to do this EVERY time you start a new session:

If you notice that links don't seem to work or if you notice blank areas, click on the shield to the right of the URL and select "Load unsafe script":



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