How to Download Course Videos to your Apple Device


Downloading The Videos

Before you can sync videos to your device, you will need to download them to your computer.

In Canvas, this can be easily done.

When you are on a page with a video, click the play button and then move your mouse to the top-right corner of the video to click the pop-out button.

Once you click the pop-out button, the video should open in another tab.

At the top of the new tab, you should see the symbols below. Click the arrow pointing down to download the video to your computer.

After downloading the video, open the download location. If you are using chrome you can click the dropdown arrow in the lower-left corner and click Show in Folder.

Now that you have downloaded the video, you are ready to transfer it to iTunes, so you can sync the video to your device.


Syncing with iTunes

After opening the folder location of the video file you downloaded, open iTunes.

It is easiest to transfer the file by dragging and dropping it into iTunes. Take a look at the animated image below for an example of how to do this. (Right-click the image and select Open Image in New Tab to see the full-sized animation.)


After transferring the videos to iTunes, they will show up under the Movies button, then selecting Home Videos. (See image below for reference.)


 Once you have transferred all videos to iTunes that you would like to sync to your Apple device, plug your device into the computer using the sync cable. After you connect your Apple device, select the device in iTunes.

After selecting your device, navigate to the Movies option on the left sidebar in iTunes. You will be taken to the Movies Sync page. From here, click Sync Movies, then check any videos that you would like to sync to your device.


Once you have selected all the files you want to sync, click Apply in the lower-right corner of iTunes.

Once the files are synced to your device, you can view the videos using the default Videos App on your iPhone.

(For an animated example of the syncing steps, see the image below.)

If you need any assistance or run into any issues, please contact FNU IT Dept. at 859-899-2525 or via email at



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