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Many Google Groups require that you join a Group before you are able to view or post to Topics in the group. This article will walk you through joining a group and setting up group settings.

First, go to the Google Groups page by logging into your FNU Email. Then click the 3x3 Google Apps button in the upper-right and select Groups

To join a group, click Browse All or use the search bar to search for a Group.

Once you have located a group you want to join, select the group.

On the Group page, there should be a button near the top that says Join Group or Apply to Join Group.

If requests to join the group are moderated, the button will say Apply to Join Group, and a message will be sent to the owner of the group requesting access for you to join.

After clicking Join Group, you will be prompted for delivery preferences for the Group.

To change your delivery preferences, select the drop-down next to Email delivery preference

The options are:

Don't send email updates

Send daily summaries

Send combined updates (25 messages per email)

Notify me for every new message (few than 1 per day)


You can change these settings later if you prefer, by going to the My Settings button in the upper-right and clicking Membership and Email Settings.

If you need any assistance joining a group, please contact FNU IT Dept. at 859-899-2525 or via email at

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