Microphone not working in Hangouts on Mac computer


Unfortunately the way Hangouts is coded and the way the Mac machines operate, they sometimes don't get along very well. If you've recently purchased a Mac, or updated and are seeing microphone problems, this could be the solution to your issue. 


Step 1- Open your system preferences from the Apple logo in the top left of the screen. 


Step 2- Click on the sound icon inside the new window. 


Step 3- Select the input tab on the top of the new window that opened. 

Step 4- Make sure the correct microphone is selected, in most cases this will be the built in one, unless you are using an external headset. 


Step 5- Un-check the tick box next to "Use ambient noise reduction", directly under "Input level". 


Step 6- Do a full reboot on the machine. 


This will allow the computer to detect the settings that were changed. Then test out the microphone in a hangout with a friend, or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to test with you as well. The majority of first-time Hangouts on Mac users will experience this, but it's a very simple fix. 

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