Creating a BBB as a Student


We recently added two rooms to our BBB room list that allows students, faculty or staff to use at their convenience. 

To access either of these rooms, click on Apps at the top left of the Banyan Tree Portal, then select Big Blue Button.


On the BBB page, type your name, select either Frontier Nursing University 1 or Frontier Nursing University 2 and use "fnum" as the password. 


Once inside the BBB room, you'll be asked if you would like to join with a microphone or to listen only. Select Microphone and you will be walked through the test and setup of your microphone. 


If you need a webcam, simply share the webcam using the Webcam button in the top left. 

Any file you would need for the presentation can be uploaded using the button shown below. Powerpoints are fine, but PDF documents are best and recommended. 

If multiple people are presenting, just click to the left of the other presenters name to give them presenter rights and they can upload their files as well. 

Once you are set up and ready to present, click on the record button (small bulls-eye button in top left) and the same when you are finished presenting to stop. The button will turn red, like a record light on a camera when it is recording. If for any reason you need to start over, just stop the recording and restart when ready. 

After you are finished, and have stopped recording, send an email to stating the time and room of your recording and request a link to the recording. This will create a ticket in our support system so that we are notified you have created the video. Sean can then save a copy of your presentation to our Drive servers and send you a link to your video. 


If you have any other questions or issues, we're always here to help. 


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