Google Hangouts on Air moving to Youtube live!


The process of recording the Google Hangout on Air will be the same however navigating to it has changed. In this tutorial I will show you how to setup a Google Hangout on Air through Youtube live.

Step 1.

Go to and click on your picture in the top right. Then select creator studio


Step 2.

Click on LIVE STREAMING. Then select Events.

Step 3.

Then you will be met with a Blue button called Enable live streaming. Click that to continue. 


Step 4. (if you have done a Hangout on air before, you can skip this step)

You may have to Authenticate your account if you have never done a Hangout on Air before. To do so choose how you would like youtube to contact you via text or call. 

Then you will add your phone number.

Youtube will then send you a text or call with a verification code. Enter it now.

It will then tell you Congratulations your Youtube account is now verified. Click the Blue button labeled Continue.


Step 5.

You will then have to agree to the Terms and Conditions.  Click I Agree. Then you will be met with a similar screen but the Blue button now says Create live event. Click the button.

 Step 6.

Now you will be met with a similar screen if you have done a hangout on air before. This is where you will add all your information. Title, date, and description. There are however some new options. You will notice a dropdown box on the right. You will want to change this to PRIVATE. You will also notice two bubbles below the dropdown box. Make sure you select Quick. Finally review all the information and click the Blue button on the bottom right called Go live now. Now you are in a Google Hangout on Air.

Now when you are finished recording your video, you can go back to and access your videos from the event option like in Step 2.


If you are wanting to start the event at a later date follow the steps below.


Step 1: 

You will want to click where it says today and set the date then the time next to it.


Step 2: 

You will now want to add email address of the people you would like to invite to the group here.


Once you select share at the bottom. You can then access the event under evens like in step 2.

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  • Avatar
    Stephanie Boyd

    Russ, could you develop something similar to this for those of us who want to schedule a YouTube Live video in advance?

  • Avatar
    Laura Manns-James

    Also, if we create a recording with our students, how do we share the link to it with them after it's finished? (Say, small groups of 3 or 4 students who should be the only ones to have access to the recording.)

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