Desktop Sharing with BigBlueButton


How do I start desktop sharing?

To start desktop sharing, the presenter clicks the desktop sharing icon in the toolbar

BigBlueButton client will display the Desktop Sharing: Presenters Preview window (this will show the presenter a thumbnail view of their desktop sharing stream when desktop sharing starts). 

To view the image below at a larger resolution, Right-click > Open in New Tab. (Control+Click for Mac)

The window will display a set of images that guide the user through starting the desktop sharing. These images are specific to the user's OS + Browser.

When the user clicks ‘Start’, BigBlueButton will download screenshare.jnlp.  The file may be called screenshare(1).jnlp, screenshare(2).jnlp, etc. depending on previous downloads.

Following the steps shown in the Desktop Sharing: Presenter's Preview window, the instructor can open screenshare.jnlp, which causes Java to launch and download and run BigBlueButton Screenshare. Java will display certificate confirmation dialog requesting permissions to run BigBlueButton Screenshare.(See image below)

Check the box Do not show this again... if you do not want to be prompted every time you do screenshare with BBB. Otherwise, leave the box blank, and select Run.

Once running, the Desktop Sharing: Presenters Preview window shows a thumbnail video of what students are currently seeing.  This thumbnail is not re-sizable (students see the desktop in a re-sizable window).

The Presenter can Pause/Resume the desktop sharing stream.  Clicking Close will stop the desktop sharing.



Sharing a Region (Windows only)

On Windows, the presenter has the option of sharing a region of their screen or the entire screen. When choosing Region, the presenter will see a dashed outline of the desktop sharing area when BigBlueButton Screenshare runs.

Clicking Start Sharing will start sharing the selected region.  As with sharing full screen, a thumbnail version of what the remote students see will appear in the Desktop Sharing Presenter’s Preview window.

Need Java?

Click here to download the latest version of Java!



For further assistance or if the instructions seem out-of-date, please contact FNU IT for assistance.

You can email us at or call us at 859-899-2525.

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