Polling with BigBlueButton


Smart Polling

Let’s look again at the sample slide.


Notice it follows the pattern of a statement followed by options prefixed with ‘A.’, ‘B.’, and ‘C.’. You’ll get the same pattern using PowerPoint, KeyNote, Libre Office, Google Slides, or any presentation software to create an alphabetically numbered outline.

BigBlueButton client recognizes this pattern and, if found, will present the instructor a Smart Poll button with the matching pre-defined choice. This enables the instructor to initiate a poll based on the content in the slide with a single click.


The BigBlueButton client also scans for the text ‘true/false’ and ‘false/true’ in the slide and, if found, put a Smart Poll button for ‘True/False’.


In a similar manner, it will scan for the text ‘yes/no’ and ‘no/yes’ and, if found, put a Smart Poll button for ‘Yes/No’.


In this way, the presenter can put a set of polling questions in their slides so during their lecture they can quickly and easily poll the students with a single click per slide.

Custom ChoicesAnchor link for: custom choices

Polling does not require the presenter to upload slides. The presenter can poll the students anytime. The pre-set choices for ‘Yes/No’ are good examples. The presenter can also enter their own polling choices (up to six) for a custom poll.

Custom Choices

Just as before, when the presenter clicks ‘Start Poll’ the range of choices will appear for students underneath the current slide.

Custom Choices

As before, the presenter can watch the incoming Live Results and publish them to the slide.

If a user has the accessibility options enabled in their OS, the BigBlueButton client will also print the poll results to the chat so it can be picked up by a screen reader.

Accessible Poll Results

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